Habla Kilns

The Habla Zig Zag Kiln technology was invented by a German Engineer, Alois Habla who came from a family with over 200 years history of brick making. Over 150 Habla kilns were built in Germany, America and England between the early 1930’s and the commencement of World War 2. Post war, extreme labour shortages and the introduction of ‘guest workers’ in Germany made the highly automated, labour saving, tunnel kiln popular. Fuel efficiency was not a consideration.

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln concept is simple.

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln provides a unique, low emission burning process which substantially reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The concept is simple.

  • It features a long fire zone moving through stationary bricks
  • The fire zone is advanced by a low horsepower induced draft, axial flow fan
  • The unique, long zig-zag fire zone allows even the most inferior fuels to be used
  • Heat is recycled in a continuous process
  • Once the bricks have been burnt, the heat is reclaimed and used to accelerate the pre-drying of ‘green’ bricks prior to burning, these unburnt bricks (part of the masonry structure) then become saleable products

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln consumes less fuel, less mechanical energy and requires far less capital outlay with almost no maintenance. UNIDO/ILO examined and approved the technology in both 1984 and 1998.

Habla Zig-Zag Kiln technology offers a solution to the environmental impact of climate change. The need for expensive, tall, energy wasting chimneys is eliminated. The kilns are economical to build, environmentally friendly, use commercially proven technology, and due to its unique design allows for the use of cheaper inferior fuels while still retaining efficiency and low pollution. General working and health conditions are significantly improved; employment is maintained and extended with the use of the roof in the monsoonal season.

The Habla Zig-Zag Kiln comes in all sizes to suit, the semi-continuous village application in rural settings to the large continuous brickyard outputs of 500,000 bricks per week, operating 365 days per year.

Commercial quality load bearing construction bricks require a long fire zone for adequate heating, burning and cooling of bricks. This differentiates the Habla, Tunnel and Hoffman kilns from the VSBK. Of these three options the Habla Zig-Zag Kiln is proven to be the most fuel efficient and economical to build.

Many have tried to copy the technology but none have had success in achieving the same efficient design and result, as all the authentic plans and technical details remain in Australia.